Pioneer GPS Bluetooth Ipod RearView Car Systems: Have Them In Your Car Now

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Published: 11th May 2010
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Startronics, a car audio system expert, has developed a new service that can allow you to enjoy music while you drive with the guidance of an effective navigation device. Startronics is introducing Pioneer GPS Bluetooth ipod rearView car systems integration service as part of their ever growing car audio system portfolio. This service allows for more functionality and enjoyment to your car by integrating the navigation device and your car's audio system. This new service from Startronics includes the Pioneer GPS Avic Z110BT from $1850, a portable navigation device which can be integrated into the car's audio devices such as the ipod through the help of the Bluetooth technology.

Startronics' Pioneer GPS Bluetooth ipod rearView car systems integration service enhances the driving experience while helping the driver in his navigation tasks. Pioneer GPS Avic Z110BT from $1850 is capable of providing route guidance instructions which are aided by audio prompts which can assist the driver once he enters his destination. This modern navigation device also allows the dissemination of highway information like lanes and highway interchanges to effectively help the driver in making turns and exits. This navigation gadget is capable of indicating traffic alerts which include traffic incidents and traffic flow conditions, while providing suggestions for alternative routes.

This device is the latest addition in the navigation device portfolio of Pioneer. It has some of the latest technology in navigation systems including a drive report which can help the driver in finding the cheapest route by putting in the fuel cost. This navigation device is also capable of displaying incoming junctions and highway signs to avoid missing exits and interchanges. Apart from these latest features, this device is also is built with Bluetooth capability, a voice recognition device, connectivity for the ipod, DVD playback capability, and a USB/SD port.

Aside from Pioneer GPS Bluetooth ipod rearView car systems integration service, Startronics has also come up with another to enjoy music in your car. Startronics, as part of their growing car audio system business, is now a major provider of XM & Sirius Satellite integrations services. This service from Startronics involves the connection of a satellite radio receiver to the car's stereo or powered speaker setup enabling the driver to take pleasure from listening to the radio while driving.This service is also capable of setting the radios into a particular program which reflects the driver's listening habits.

Meanwhile, Startronics are also capable of improving a car's security, which is as significant as the car's audio system with rearView car systems. The rearview car systems include cameras and parking sensors which can be found on the bumpers and posses technologies which can help in securing the car including ultrasound, lasers, and radar to sense objects around the car and then sound a warning when a person comes to close to the car. The systems' cameras and parking sensors provides assistance in parallel parking by providing a video feed coming from its LED display. This service from Startronics is widely used on larger vehicles such as RVs, SUVs, and trucks, although some are available on cars.

A car owner can get all of these offerings and services only at Startronics. Startronics can supply and professionally install any type or brand of accessories to a car. Startronics has been providing top of the line products and services to customers earning the recognition as the best car audio shop in Los Angeles. Startronics is also admired by customers for its friendly, knowledgeable and extremely professional staff.

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