Ipod Installation - Should You Get A Professional?

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Published: 23rd June 2011
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For many people who buy an Ipod it is normally so they can listen to music no matter where they go. But, if you want to listen to your Ipod through your car stereo it will need a Ipod installation adapter. The good thing for someone who loves to listen to music when their out and about, is that there is a large selection of automobile Ipod installation adapters which you can purchase. All available adapters are in one of three categories, the wireless,built in and cassette adapter, each one have there good and bad points to them.

The wireless Ipod adapters uses a short range FM transmitter to play music from Ipod to an FM Channel on the car stereo. Wireless adapters do not need any wires or installation procedures because it is connected through Ipod's dock connector. The sound quality is same as any FM radio station but sometimes low power signal can lead to interference. But these wireless adapters are more costlier than cassette adapters.

The way a cassette-type Ipod adapter works is that it sends the signal through the car stereo's cassette player. This reduces interference to practically nothing compared to wireless FM transmitters, but the sound quality is not as good. These cassette adapters are a less costly and less effective solution to the problem.

There are three ways to get the i-pod listening experience in your auto. Some car brands have the ipod integration adapters built into the stereo system. You can get the same thing in your car by going to a car audio specialist. If you are the hands on type, you can buy equipment that will help you with installation. If you want the best value for your money, you can choose adapters that have a plug-in connector for the jack for the earphone.

For instance, you can get your Ipod integrated into your car stereo system with a startronics ipod integration package that wouldn't cost you any more than a custom stereo installation. You can also do a self install by getting an adapter for your Ipod which will connect the Ipod to the stereo and integrates with the satellite radio and CD player. But be warned that do-it-yourself adapters can only be used on certain brands of car stereos and they are very complex and will supplant the satellite radio tuner and CD player. Now you can carry your music with you in the car and listen just as you do at home with your Ipod. You can get Ipod integration factory installed on your new car or buy an after-market solution for just about any car.

Deciding on your vehicle's iPod installation adapter means determining what you can afford and learning the model number of your automobile's stereo system and the possibilities for its iPod integration. This firm can provide you with after-purchase installations from companies such as Nav-TV, Dice, Peripheral, Alpine, Pioneer, Kenwood, Pac, Clarion, JVC, Monster, Harmon Kardon, VAIS Technology and many others. Scanning the online reviews of our services will convince you we're the place to patronize. Ring us at 310-828-8604 or visit the Startronics premises at 3108 Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica, California. Our zip code is 90403.

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