Car Alarm, LoJack and Teletrack Specialist in Los Angeles Give Car Security Advice

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Published: 12th May 2010
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Car lovers greatly enjoy having their cars be the center of attention. And since they've put in so much time and effort into their cars - purchasing the latest parts at the body and car stereo shops, getting the best modifications -- they have every right to do so. But not all of this attention is wanted, because this includes the attention of criminals and car thieves.

In the US, car theft is a significant concern for many car owners. In 2006, a car was stolen for every 26.4 seconds. That's more than a million automobiles stolen, and billions of dollars in loss and damages. Because car theft is such a problem, and because your newly-customized car is such an attractive target, you should probably consult with a car alarm and security specialist, who can point you in the right direction.

As an car alarm and security specialist will tell you, there are four layers of protection for every car. The first is common sense. Many cases of theft are crimes of opportunity that result from the car owner's carelessness- leaving the doors unlocked, for example, or leaving a spare set of keys inside. Common sense also dictates that cars should be parked in secure areas, which are well-lit and provide good visibility.

Layer two is deterrents and warning devices: alarm stickers, plainly visible steering wheel locks, or audio alarm warnings. These devices let potential thieves know that the car is protected, and that may be enough for them to move on and look for easier, less well-defended targets.

The third layer against auto theft is a wide array of immobilizing devices. These devices prevent thieves from driving off with your car- by shutting off a vital component like your starter or fuel pump when you leave the car. Many of these devices may require a consultation with your car alarm and security specialist- some of these systems are wired into your car's electric system, or into the engine itself, so make a consultation to see whether your chosen security system is compatible with your car model.

Your fourth layer of protection is GPS tracking devices hidden in the body of your car. If your car is missing, these devices let the police know where your car is being driven through GPS technology, so that it's visible from virtually anywhere on the planet. If you can report the theft right away, recovering it - and catching the thieves -- may take just a few hours. Startronics is located in Santa Monica at 3108 Wilshire Blvd. Santa Monica CA 90403 USA 1-310-828-8604.

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